Backcountry Contracting Ltd “setting the standard”

Backcountry Contracting LTD specialises in the planning, logistics, delivery, data collection and reporting of ungulate control programs.

The BCL team utilises well resourced, extensively skilled helicopter operators, hunters and dog teams. Control methods are suitably matched to the species, ungulate density, physical attributes of the control area and long term goals of an operation. The team strives to deliver control effort as effectively and efficiently as possible to gain the best possible results. Aided with the most up to date technology in GPS data collection, monitoring hardware and software BCL is setting the standard.

Managed by Jason Hart, who has a wealth of professional ungulate control experience (in excess of 40,000 hours of ground control with dog teams), also  has a Degree with a double major in Pure Mathematics and Physical Geography. These key attributes lead to a well managed team of highly skilled and motivated personnel.

BCL has planned, delivered and reported on 115,000 + hours of ungulate control since 2004. Whether your operation is on going sustained control or looking at achieving eradication or zero density, BCL has the expertise and personnel to deliver.

BCL has become the most experienced ungulate control contractor in New Zealand, past or present.

Why Hire BCL?

Specialising in Ungulate Control and Survey Programs

  • Developing operational plans to effectively deliver resources to gain maximum outcome
  • Ground control utilising experienced hunters and dog teams
  • Aerial control utilising experienced helicopter operators and shooters
  • Data collection and reporting

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