Operational Methods

Be it “initial knock down, sustained control or eradication”, BCL has a vast array of tools, and implements best practice to target your operation and maximise your budget to achieve the best possible results.

Aerial control

  • Suitably powered helicopters, pilots and shooters, utilising semi automatic rifles or shot guns are used for this method.
    • When animal densities are high and the terrain and vegetation are suitable, aerial control can be an extremely effective and efficient method to knock down ungulate populations.
    • All possible health and safety precautions are undertaken during this type of operation.
      • All aerial control is GPS tracked, with boundaries ground proofed with the pilot, shooters and employer.

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      Ground control with experienced hunters and dog teams.



      • All hunters are well equipped and fully resourced with, suppressed rifles, personal radio comms, PLB, latest Garmin Alpha 100 dog tracking units and all compulsory PPE (personal protective equipment)
      • Intensive “team hunting”, where populations are low and coverage of an operational area is imperative, utilising modern hunting techniques and the latest technology along with regular data analysis to achieve and help validate zero density or even eradication (when the necessary axioms of eradication are satisfied).
      • Hot spot hunting techniques can be implemented when budgets and resources are limited. Specific targeting of these areas with the correct method will deliver control to the highest priority sites
      • Driven hunts and feed plots
      • BCL has a specialist, well trained, long range shooter that has the ability to work in conjunction with the hunting team.
      • Trapping of animals where practical.

      Combination of aerial and ground control

      • BCL has developed intensive knock down techniques, which utilises a combination of ground control with dogs and aerial control at the same time in the same control area. This mixed method approach as delivered excellent results. 
        • Ground control personnel have constant radio communications with the helicopter and can direct the operator onto unseen or escaping animals. 
          • The ground control team can then target animals that have found refuge in heavier cover.

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          Judas Animal Operations

          • Judas operations are best utilised in low animal population density control areas, this minimises hunting effort to target a know population
          • Judas and/or sentinel animals may also be used to validate operational success
          • BCL specialises in live capture, data and DNA collection
          • BCL is well equipped with all necessary equipment
          • R 1000 scanning and TR 4 receiver
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